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  • Brand association with major influencers, entrepreneurs and media personalities with strong social media presence.
  • Brand awareness in communities, churches, high schools, and colleges/universities.
  • An immediate reach of approximately 500 to 2K targeted consumers/viewers in each venue.
  • Ongoing market penetration for brand into the homes and families of consumers and demographic.
  • Brand association with a positive, empowering, entertaining event while simultaneously raising funds for a worthy cause.
  • Product placement opportunities available  for leading sponsors.


From The Bottom Up Foundation (FTBUF) seeks  to redress inequities in services, education and awareness of critical issues facing women and girls of color. FTBUF will seek to provide support and access to services that enhance the mental, physical and financial health & wellness of minority women and girls in need across all socioeconomic statuses.

FTBUF will partner with other organizations focused on the upliftment of women and girls, to produce fundraising initiatives to support the Foundation’s work. In addition to fundraising, FTBUF will sponsor and produce forums and wellness events that offer guidance, access to resources and referral services to minority women and girls facing domestic violence, sexual misconduct and serious mental, physical or financial crisis.



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